Thursday, January 19, 2012

Series A - Pen Drawings 2008 -2010 - Series A-1. Woman Emerging from the THicket of Time.

Woman Emerging from the Thicket of Time, 2008, 18 x 13.2 cm. Pen on paper. 18 works.

My explorations with my first pen series begins with a dominant figure surrounded by chaotic, yet orchestrated movement and characters involved in their own stirrings and tasks.  Somehow they are swept together, each heading in different directions at the same time (is there really such thing as the "same time" experientially?).  A slice of time reveals characters blended together, each generating their own scene, or are they just manipulating to the best of their ability?  Figures appear to dance as part of a larger image that provides energy to relate, progress, persist and expand.
I'm excited to share this series with you and look forward to your comments.  Thank you.

Recommended music to listen while viewing: Rodrigo y Gabriela & CUBA, 11:11. 2012. 

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