Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Creativity and your brain

Shelley Carson's book about the creative brain has inspired me to visualize the relationship between individual abilities, that are creative and simply active and productive in both general functions and problem-solving, and how they relate to a larger influences in the universe, perhaps through energetic transfers and relationships between beings. Even though we seem as human beings to be acting individually, what if the source of our brain activity and thinking is some type of central computer system or universal location external to us and possibly external to earth that is powering our ability to think and process information, and perhaps also some form of pulsating support communication of sorts that helps humans (and other living beings) perform various actions? 

As we begin to explore life outside of our planet, maybe some of these questions will become clearer to us?

The photo above is my three-year-old displaying her innate creative ability to make shapes on the ground for which she does not know the meaning so deeply, rather she is experimenting and exploring meaning through play, age-old forms of human processing from thinking to actions in the cycle of actions,  refinement and constant progress-making. A very wonderful process to be part of for both of us.