Friday, January 20, 2012

A Horse Runs Up The Mountain, Series A-2.

A Horse Runs Up The Mountain. 2008. New York. 18 x 13.2cm. Pen. 

How does a goal come into focus?  And why does one goal become more preferable than another?  Is it based on mere survival, this common churning and yearning that drives living beings and flora to develop ever more effective approaches to living, of improving their quality of life?  Visible here is a progression, from valley, guarded by an extending tree-trunk, up to mountains glowing with future promise.  A bird-like creature in the middle helps guide the horse safely to its goal: the peak.  But a horse has little reason to charge up to the mountaintop.  Something else has caught its attention above the mountaintop.  This is a fable of reaching beyond the observable and for something one perceives to be within reach, but is perhaps more a part of their imagination, which has created a powerful drive to climb higher, to explore, to unite the solid internal nature of living beings, the mind, with the will to connect with external forces.  Connection with external elements, secular or ethereal, suggests searching for a source of validity of one’s life.  

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