Sunday, June 3, 2012

Is mindfulness a gateway to enhancing creativity?

I've practiced mindfulness meditation for many years, and found it quite often leads to enhancing my creative process.  Sitting for morning meditation helps clear my mind.  It allows me to relax anxious and confusing thoughts that can get trapped and cloud my mind.  Through meditation, internal chatter passes through my mind without developing into thought patterns.  I experience refreshing moments of inner peace and silence.  Thoughts come and go, with some catching my attention to find me quickly engaged in internal dialog.  This is a constant recurring cycle.  Resistance, as we know, only strengthens the thought attachment process.  As thoughts arise, I focus on my breathing and let them float by.  This process repeats over and over.  During calm moments, when I successfully allow thought clouds to float by, the space I experience creates room for new possibilities to arise.  This is like watching a flower bloom in my mind.  It nurtures a feeling of internal calmness and self control.  Hope and fear melt away, being replaced by a sense of emptiness, openness and non-attachment.  There is great freedom inside a sense of emptiness. 

Morning meditation builds each day into deeper and more enriching experiences that form a 3-dimensional fusion of my inner and outer realities.  These realities appear to work together in greater harmony and productivity.  That sense of balance appears to also stimulate my creative ability and output.  It makes me feel lighter, more relaxed and happier.  I laugh spontaneously at nothing, or something silly.  I can travel as myself into new personae, and laugh at myself heartily.  I relate sensitively with people's expressions of joy and enjoyment.  It's a magical process, and one that I love.

In that respect I find very directly that mindfulness enhances my creativity.  This translates into my being more energetic and motivated to express myself creatively, through drawing, painting, playing and composing music, writing, taking pictures, and speaking with friends about life and exploring the great extents I can expand my life and do great things.  Now if I could only be more disciplined to meditate every day, and I'm practicing to reach that goal.

Artutain and the Creativity Lab

Artutain is an exciting new company I've developed that focuses on how creativity affects learning, project development and project management.  We motivate breakthrough thinking and acting by using a creativity lab model, which is a special project initiation and collaboration approach to generate effective personal projects and company goals.  It's amazing what people and organizations can create individually and collaboratively when learning and project development occurs in ways that open up new avenues of creativity and project development.  Artutain creates products to stimulate creativity, and inspiring programming within encouraging and productive environments to provide tools for developing passions into satisfying accomplishments.