Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A man and his selves (Hollow Man). Series A-4.

A man and his selves (Hollow Man). 2008. New York. Pen on Paper. 18 x 13.2 cm Series A-4

Rooted to an invisible ceiling, a hollow man evolves as two separate selves.  His outer self manifests as a human interface that manages various things, like work, friends and romance; his inner self is where all the wild stuff happens, desires rise, intentions form, reactions occur.  He tries to remain hollow, ready to adapt and cope with new circumstances, but things keep growing on him, forcing him to constantly manage nature’s inertia in a biologically sticky world.  Luckily, Hollow Man can manifest helpful characters: a sexy blonde woman floats in his inner eye’s mind-space, balancing his moods; and a teenage antelope that forms his right ear guards both thoughts (inner) and actions (outer).  A fire-like substance appears in his throat that keeps biology at bay and channels his mind’s experiences and visions into a passion-rich life.