Sunday, May 13, 2012

Driftwood, Meadow Lane, South Hampton (pencil on paper, 2012)

This driftwood drawing is of a drifter from an ocean in South Hampton.  Its shape, the result of constant rolling in salty water, stripped to its bare essentials.  Its bark is richly textured.  A fine subject to draw.  Did it float for years in the water, then find its way to the edge?  Or is it a sign of last Fall's water levels from hurricane Irene that carved away half of the shore line in South Hampton, and carried off many little pieces of pine trees.  Maybe the future will see the development of a small camera to accompany such drifters on its meandering journeys, and to tell their stories.  In the daily company of jellyfish, crabs and various shelled creatures, this little drifter gets swept up in daily tides.  The sun dries it over and over again, like a well-worn ritual.  I found it laying in the sand, about 50 feet from the ocean's edge.  Its character is that of an old shoe, with its shape tightly defined, yet containing enough air to stay afloat.  

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